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Dagaz Environmental Inc.


Our move



We would like to extend our apologies for the delays and communication issues that you may be or have experienced during our move.

Our building in Assiniboia sold later in 2009 and the manufacturing is presently being moved to Saskatoon. We chose to move all of our operations to one central location to assist in decreasing our environmental footprint (through a decrease in transportation), to have better access to a professional labour pool, and to be in the same location as our marketing and environmental consulting divisions. We feel the benefits of this move, once complete, will maximize our overall efficiency and all us to provide better client support.

Unfortunately the location that we had moved into in July 2008 in Saskatoon proved to be unfavorable and we are presently researching new locations.

Due to the many changes that have taken place over the past couple years, the telephone and fax numbers that you may have previously used for Dagaz Environmental Inc. or Sunset Solar Systems Ltd., may no longer be available. Please refer to the contact page for updates and contact information.

Please also note that the 1-866 phone number as advertized on the base of our web pages, is no longer available. It was associated with the facility in Assiniboia and we are working on removing it from our web page template. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Investment Opportunities

Dagaz Environmental Inc. has a desire to forge ahead after evolving through the issues that have faced us all in the recession that began in 2007, less than one year after we incorporated and within the same year we officially began operations. Part of our new mandate is to invite outside investors to become part of our family, a family that has been involved in management of the environment for 27 years. We wish to continue to provide the world with environmentally and economically sustainable options for water and waste water treatment.

For further details contact us at

Do what is right because it's the right thing to do

Not because it's presently a fad.

Fads come and go, and wealth and loves can be taken from us

But the inner peace and sense of self worth

That comes from doing the right thing

 Is something that can never be taken from us

Because it becomes part of our very being.


Be Environmentally Proactive - Not Reactive.


Reduce your


Ask us how you can reduce your environmental footprint.

Trade Shows

Refer to our Calendar for upcoming trade show events.

We do not presently have any trade shows planned.

Please stay tuned for new services.


A little about our company and our product

Although some companies will claim they are the world leaders in cleaning up waste water and surface water using renewable energy equipment, with about 3,000+ wind machines and 2,000+ low energy consuming electric and solar powered machines installed world wide, Sunset Solar Systems Ltd. & Dagaz Environmental Inc. have been the world leaders (as family owned businesses since their inception), in using renewable energy to clean up surface waters and waste waters using Little River Pond Mill® circulators.

For 27 years, Little River Pond Mill® circulators having been assisting in the improvement of water, waste water, and liquid effluent systems globally by enhancing both biological and natural chemical processes in aquatic (water based) environments.

The circulators are available in either renewable (wind or solar) or low hsp  electric energy source models.

All circulators are manufactured in Canada to ensure that we are responsible for our environmental footprint. We strongly support and encourage the 3-R's (reduce consumption, recycle whenever and wherever possible, reuse previous parts whenever possible [rebuilt parts]) within our firm, within our employee base, and within our supplier base. Even our circulators promote the concept of the 3-R's - reduced energy consumption or use of renewable energy, reduced water wastage by promoting water reuse, reduced pollution loading on the environment through remediation, and recycling of energy and nutrients within aquatic ecosystems. Our electric circulators are operated very efficiently off of low horse power and can also be operated off of shore mount solar power sources; and our solar and wind powered machines are operated off of renewable energy sources. We have 27 years of experience in operating equipment from renewable energy sources - the longest in the industry.

The Little River Pond Mill® circulator is an aquatic (water based) biogeochemical cycle remediation facilitator/biological stimulator, promoting biologically active filtration (BAF) in surface waters, waste waters and liquid manure and sewage.

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