The Little River Pond Mill Purifying The World

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Company History

26 years and counting!!!

Sunset Solar Systems Ltd., the manufacturer of the Little River Pond Mill® circulator, has been in operation since 1986 when it became a limited company; for three years prior to this time it operated as a partnership.

In February 2003, the Company opened up the Environmental Management Division to provide professionally based environmental consulting services in the agricultural and environment industries world wide.

In September of 2006 the Environmental Management Division became its own entity to better serve its client base. The new entity is now Dagaz Environmental Inc.

The main focus of Sunset Solar Systems Ltd. is the manufacture of Little River Pond Mill circulators, however it has other useful products that are presently being manufactured or are in the research stage of their life cycle. The focus of Dagaz Environmental Inc. is the marketing, distribution and service of Little River Pond Mill circulators, other environmental products and equipment, and environmental and agricultural consulting.

As with most privately owned companies, we are constantly evolving. As part of our evolutionary process, to reduce logistics costs and to improve customer service, we are moving our facilities to one central location. Please refer to our Contact page for updated details as our move progresses and we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing during our move.

In 1983 Sunset Solar Systems Ltd. introduced the first commercially available Little River Pond Mill® circulator that was used to keep dugout water fresh and clean. Since then, products, services, and knowledge have been advanced and markets have been expanded internationally. In addition to our Canadian market, Little River Pond Mill circulators are being used in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, France, Central America, and Asia. We have a constantly growing network of dealers worldwide in a wide variety of expertise areas from livestock waste management, to lake management and industrial/commercial/municipal waste water treatment. For a list of dealers, please refer to the Dealers page.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a durable, high quality, economical, and versatile product that is low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and can reduce the production of greenhouse gases. We offer a choice of models in either a painted finish on steel, or stainless steel construction, that utilizes wind power, electricity, or solar power as its energy source.

The Little River Pond Mill® circulator has successfully been used in odour abatement and solids and BOD/COD reduction in waste water systems (municipal, livestock, commercial and industrial) for more than 23 years, and in reversing the signs of eutrophication/remediation of surface waters (lakes, ponds, dugouts, etc.) for more than 26 years.


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